Artificial Intelligence🤖

We all must have heard the term “Artificial Intelligence” in our life at some point.

But what exactly it is?

Artificial Intelligence is the study and creation of machines that exhibits some form of intelligence: system that can learn new concepts and tasks, system that can reason and draw useful conclusions about the world around us, system that can understand natural language or perceive and comprehend a visual scene and system that can perform other types of feats that requires human type of intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new word and not a new technology for researchers but it has been there since a very long time (from 1943).

AI is the well known technology that everyone talks about today that has now become a part of each and every field. Some of the scope of AI includes:

AI in Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook use AI for face verification. Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) (subsets of AI) concepts  are used to detect facial features and tag your friends. Machine learning algorithms are used to design your feed and advertising based on your interests.

LinkedIn uses AI to offer job recommendations, suggest people you might like to connect  with, and serve you specific posts in your feeds.

Snapchat leverages the power of computer vision, an AI technology  to track your features and overlay filters that move with your face in real-time.

Twitter is using AI to identify hate speech and terrorist language in speech. The company discovered and banned 300,000 terrorist-linked accounts, 95% of which were found by non-human, AI machines.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media Platforms| Digital Qissa

AI in healthcare: Knight Career Institute and Intel have made a collaborative Cancer Cloud. This cloud takes data from the medical history of cancer (and similar) patients to help doctors in making a better diagnosis. Preventing cancer from moving to higher stages is its most effective treatment at this time.

The UK’s National Health Service uses Google’s DeepMind Platform to detect health risks in people through apps. The system can analyze retinal scans and spot symptoms of sight threatening eye diseases.

Another such example is “Coala life” which is a company that has a digitalized device that can find cardiac diseases.

Artificial Intelligence Applications - AI in Health Care

AI in chatbots: AI chatbots – Siri, Cortana and Amazon Alexa, Amazon Alexa(Echo)  are devices that use speech recognition and Natural Language Processing(NLP) to perform an ever-growing range of tasks on commands.

Google Assistant - Artificial Intelligence Applications - Edureka

AI in the autonomous industry:  For a long time, self-driving cars have been buzzboard in the AI industry. The  development of autonomous vehicles will definitely revolutionize the transportation system.

Waymo’s AI based self-driving car.  AI collects data from the vehicle’s radar, cameras, GPS and cloud services to produce control signals that operate the vehicle. Advanced deep learning (DL)  algorithms can accurately predict what  objects in the vehicle’s vicinity are likely. This makes Waymo cars much more effective and safer.

Waymo - Artificial Intelligence Applications - Edureka

Tesla self-driving cars use computer vision, image detection and deep learning to build cars that can automatically detect and drive around without human intervention.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, says-

“The Tesla system consists of two AI chips in order to support it for better road performance. Each of the AI chips makes a separate assessment of the traffic situation for guiding the car accordingly. The assessment of both the chips is then matched by the system and followed if the input from both is the same.”

AI in gaming:AlphaGo” is the very first AI program that was able to beat a professional human player, “Fan Hui” in October 2015, on a full-sized board with no handicaps.

F.E.A.R (First  Encounter Assault  Recon) is a survival horror first-person shooter video game. “GOAP”  (Goal Oriented  Action Planning) technique in its AI system. Specialty of this game  is that the actions taken by the opponent AI shooter are unpredictable because the game is designed in such a way that the opponents are trained throughout the game and never repeat the same mistake. So, they get better as the game gets harder.

F.E.A.R. - Artificial Intelligence Applications - Edureka

AI in agriculture: BlueRiver Technology developed a robot called “See and Spray” which uses computer vision technology like computer vision to monitor and precisely spray weedicides on cotton plants.

Berlin-based AI startup PEAT developed a mobile application called “Plantix’‘ that  identifies potential defects and nutrient defects through images captured by the user’s smartphone camera. The company claims that it achieves pattern detection with estimates of upto 95%.

Artificial Intelligence in Indian Agriculture - CII Blog

AI in marketing: Amazon’s recommendation provides 35% of Amazon’s revenue. Amazon makes  use of AI and ML to recommend products to their customers. Amazon looks at the products that you have been browsing and recommends very similar products to you.

How AI Supports Marketing & Sales in Understanding the Customer Journey - AI,  ML, Data Science Articles | Interviews | Insights | AI TIME JOURNAL

These are some of the areas covered by Artificial Intelligence. How you think AI will benefit us in the future? 

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