A war.

Hey look,
there is a war outside so crook.
A war of superiority,
A war of priority,
A war of absolute authority.

TechnologyIn a world without technology,
you’ll lose all forms of connectivity.
you’ll not have wifi or 4G,
distance will be as it should be.

HumanIn this world without technology,
perhaps there’ll be more sincerity,
where more people would be seen,
not looking at their phone screens.

TechnologyIn this world without technology,
perhaps you would have to do things manually.
Life may be tough physically.

HumanIn this world without technology,
people will stop and listen,
giving undivided attention.

TechnologyI am the power in your hand,
Knock me down if you can.

HumanI’m the ruler, I’m the possessor,
Liisten you;
I’m the God damn creator.

ยฉ theoryofevrythng

By theoryofevrythng

We are changing the world with technology...

39 replies on “A war.”

Loved the ending!๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ”ฅ
I think that’s the whole point. Simply knowing that you own the technology that is keeping you distracted and owning your life and time without you realising. With that you know when and how best to control yourself and limit the negative aspects of tech ’cause hey tech has a lot of postives too.

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Thanks Joel.
Well you said it right, technology has its positive aspects too. But it totally depends upon us how we utilize it. It’s in our own hand. Today’s generation is giving all it’s power to mobile phones and other electronic equipments.
Thanks for stopping by Joel๐Ÿ˜Š

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I don’t mean any harm by saying this but this is an absolutely lovely! The themes are very deep and important, however, I could enjoy reading. Sometimes it was even amusing! Thank you for your words: they made me feel better! โค๐Ÿ˜

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Jedes Zeitalter hat Vorzรผge und Nachteile. Es gilt das Altbewรคhrtes zu bewahren und sinnvolle Innovationen zu entwickeln. Wichtig ist, dass der Mensch weiรŸ, dass er nur tote Dinge erschaffen kann. Das Leben sollte er Gott รผberlassen, denn der hat die globale Sicht รผber die Dinge.
Herzliche GrรผรŸe von Gisela

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