Life in lockdown!!

There has never been a better time in history to be self-isolating..

We seem to have a lot of free time on our hands as we are all stuck indoors, and I wonder what you are doing? some making videos while singing from balconies …offering a virtual cocktail hour, the group video catch-ups on Zoom or Skype… building the old bonds again via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. You know that ,whats the most amazing part?? It is that the children to whom parents use to keep away from phones and laptops now willingly make them use it for online classes.

People are more busy discovering there hidden interests…being cooking your favorite dishes and enjoying it peacefully..some people are currently learning a language that they’ve always wanted to learn and that’s great for them ….writing blogs or contents, reading books that grab your interest…playing instruments, dancing, singing , painting, gardening and moreover getting time for physical fitness ...

Streaming on YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix that they need to throttel their stream to preserve the bandwidth needed for remote working.

Text messaging still flows freely. WhatsApp becomes so essential that some countries try to nationalise it. Chat groups are created to assist self-isolating neighbours.New groups are constantly created that nobody remembers which group is for what?

Countries and States have closed their borders and travel is impossible, yet somehow the world feels more connected than ever.

By theoryofevrythng

We are changing the world with technology...

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