Is our life private anymore?

The boundaries of what is regarded as appropriate to put in the public domain are shifting dramatically.Nothing is challenging our notion of privacy more than social networking.Millions of people highly active on social medias share the minutiae of their lives.

Are you in a relationship? What are your political views? And where did you go for dinner this evening? These are the details of our lives known only by those we know and trust, but many of us now willingly display online.

Uploading you morning selfie to your dinner…from what clothes you wearing today to your new shoes….from winning in online ludo game to hanging out with friends…and what not….but the most unusual is the status of ill health.

The battle lines are being drawn between generations. Facebook , WhatsApp and Instagram is headed by someone who hasn’t hit 30 yet, but has very different perceptions and assumptions about what is private and what is not. We need to recognise that with social networking, geolocation and digital technology, the privacy bar is being reset.

Does publicising you private life, your likings and disliking makes you get closer to the others or makes the rest your well wisher?Then unfortunately its never the case.

Many of you may or may not agree to me…..but do ponder upto it…Do technology pose threat to you private life??

By theoryofevrythng

We are changing the world with technology...

18 replies on “Is our life private anymore?”

I’m glad that someone thought out of the sphere and thought at this preceptive also. Now a days people are so engrossed that they hardly care about this. Nicely expressed dearπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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