Life without Internet😱😲

Isn’t it interesting to know what our life would be like without the Internet? Although you can’t even imagine it, that time existed kind of like the 90’s, sort of when there was no internet…

There are lots of people who have been bought up without internet but these days it’s hard to imagine life without the internet. But thankfully, internet has came into our life. But what would it be like to live without the Internet? Would you dare to live such a terrible scenario if it suddenly collapse or went off-line?

Banking, ATM’s, communication of all types, TV and Media World, websites, online transactions, etc. will be hanged and almost life will come to a standstill. Bussiness would be highly effected , access to information and resources cut. No WordPress😳

What if you want to buy a USB and you have to get off the couch, get dressed and go out on the cold street. And on top of that, you have to do it only during opening hours..

As every coin have two sides. Lets focus on the different perspective of this situation.

Well, apart from teenager screaming because they cannot log in to Facebook or Instagram. It comes down to how much we personally use the internet and for what? Some of us hardly use internet where other pretty live there live around it.

Some of the things that would happen if the internet was not in our life. A person who is sad , would be talking to family instead of posting feeling sad on Facebook and Instagram. Most of the relationship would be caring rather than being possessive. People would be watching TV with family rather than surfing on YouTube. Newspaper would have been the source of news and not Twitter. People would write words from heart to express their feeling rather than writing some prescripted line from those fifty sites. Photos would make more meaning than just for the sake of getting likes on Instagram. Everyone will have a social life instead of a social networking life.

Well , I agree without internet everything would be harder, boring and more uncomfortable. But ,are we using it wisely or we have created our own second life which includes only you and your virtual world(internet).



Whether in person or on the internet, being stalked is a terrifying and isolating experience.

Social media is a tool, like anything else. You can use it to keep tabs on your friends, but you can also use it to make someone’s life miserable.

With the inception of social media, this landscape of word “stalking” has drastically changed from harmless to harmful as the evil inside the human is becoming dominating.

Social media enables an unprecedented amount of access to people’s photos, whereabouts. With sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, you are made aware of someone’s every move – whether they intend for you to know or not.

One of the biggest problems with social media today is the amount of passive information that is available.
Like…if I post a photo to my Instagram account, even with privacy settings intact, I am at the mercy of how my followers interact with my post.

When there is a gap between the information you have and the information you want, uncertainty is born.

Complaints of cyber bullying have increased by 19 per cent compared to the period between February 23 and March 24 and women have been complaining of vulgarity, stalking and misbehaviour on cyberspace.
We’re sharing too much of our personal data online, even when we think we’re playing it safe.
Case in point:
Californian police arrested a 21-year-old man last September after he broke into the house and bedroom of a 13-year-old girl, whose address he’d discovered by studying her posts on Instagram.

last October,Japanese police charged a man with assault after he used his victim’s Instagram selfies–and in particular the reflection in her eyes–to pinpoint her local train station. This is an incredible and alarming story.

Young men and women absolutely need to know how to make good decisions with the information they put on the internet. Unfortunately, anything you post that’s publicly visible or anything you send privately via text or message app can be used against you.


Life in lockdown!!

There has never been a better time in history to be self-isolating..

We seem to have a lot of free time on our hands as we are all stuck indoors, and I wonder what you are doing? some making videos while singing from balconies …offering a virtual cocktail hour, the group video catch-ups on Zoom or Skype… building the old bonds again via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. You know that ,whats the most amazing part?? It is that the children to whom parents use to keep away from phones and laptops now willingly make them use it for online classes.

People are more busy discovering there hidden interests…being cooking your favorite dishes and enjoying it peacefully..some people are currently learning a language that they’ve always wanted to learn and that’s great for them ….writing blogs or contents, reading books that grab your interest…playing instruments, dancing, singing , painting, gardening and moreover getting time for physical fitness ...

Streaming on YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix that they need to throttel their stream to preserve the bandwidth needed for remote working.

Text messaging still flows freely. WhatsApp becomes so essential that some countries try to nationalise it. Chat groups are created to assist self-isolating neighbours.New groups are constantly created that nobody remembers which group is for what?

Countries and States have closed their borders and travel is impossible, yet somehow the world feels more connected than ever.


Is our life private anymore?

The boundaries of what is regarded as appropriate to put in the public domain are shifting dramatically.Nothing is challenging our notion of privacy more than social networking.Millions of people highly active on social medias share the minutiae of their lives.

Are you in a relationship? What are your political views? And where did you go for dinner this evening? These are the details of our lives known only by those we know and trust, but many of us now willingly display online.

Uploading you morning selfie to your dinner…from what clothes you wearing today to your new shoes….from winning in online ludo game to hanging out with friends…and what not….but the most unusual is the status of ill health.

The battle lines are being drawn between generations. Facebook , WhatsApp and Instagram is headed by someone who hasn’t hit 30 yet, but has very different perceptions and assumptions about what is private and what is not. We need to recognise that with social networking, geolocation and digital technology, the privacy bar is being reset.

Does publicising you private life, your likings and disliking makes you get closer to the others or makes the rest your well wisher?Then unfortunately its never the case.

Many of you may or may not agree to me…..but do ponder upto it…Do technology pose threat to you private life??


So much of confusion- this or this??

Emerging technologies create a buzz, but innovative tech can also leave some consumers feeling bewildered.

Technology is constantly evolving, and it does so at a faster rate than us.There are so many new technologies available today that it’s hard to know which will be the best fit. No one wants to invest in a type of technology that ultimately doesn’t work out.

We are all getting advanced but yet more confused- “Whether to buy laptop or smartphone?” “Which company is better Dell or HP or…God knows!!

If you getting the same technology with same feature and same price but different company-what to choose?? yeahh… Confusion!! Confusion lots of confusion.

In this racing world of technology , by the time we sort out between certain technology certain new technology comes up creating more confusion.

Everyone is competing with one another,we want the best but without investing alot of money in that.We want to look cooler with our techie stuffs but the upcoming technology makes us loose our confidence in what we have and now we want the latest one,which is mesmerizing us with its features and looks.

What do you think? Does technology confuse you?


Hackers are exploiting COVID-19 outbreak for there benefit!!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, there is a lot of panic, fear, and stress among the people. The world is in the state of lockdown and everyone is taking various preventive measures against this Corona virus pandemic whether it be social distancing or washing hands, or many others.

But wait!!….have you prepared yourself for the attack of online viruses too?

As in this lockdown situation when the majority of the people is connected virtually or when the companies are trying to compensate for their loss of work through Work from Home or when people are opting for online transactions even for minor tasks such as paying the electricity bill, etc., it has created an environment for the hackers and they are trying to capitalize this situation anyhow.

The hackers are more active in this pandemic situation and they are using it to scam people. No time seems more opportunity to launch cyberattacks than when the world is busy battling the Covid-19 threat.

The thousands of fraud domains are registered and various fake websites have been created.The majority of these fraud domains are associated with fake e-commerce shops that claim to offer safety masks, hand sanitizers, and other protective gear but in reality, they are providing damaged or unsafe products.

Hackers are sending an email attached with a spam document or link that imitates as any kind of donation or financial support in this outbreak.

They are offering various fraud healthcare schemes regarding COVID-19, requesting for some amount, etc through creating fake accounts.

Bengaluru-based cybersecurity company – CloudSek, analysed an alleged hacking attempt on an Indian state tax department, which occurred on March 26.

We need work with our intellect and need to keep yourself safe from the offline virus (COVID-19) and online viruses (cyber attacks) as well!!


Virtual Reality!!

Virtual Reality (VR) sounds more like a science fiction film like Black panther, The Wizard of Oz or Minority Report. Isn’t it?However, the truth is that nowadays, this technology completely blends in with our daily lives.

But, what is it exactly ??

Well,Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel they are immersed in their surroundings by using specific headsets or helmets.

Solutions which allowing humans to explore fully immersive computer-generated worlds (in VR), and overlay computer graphics onto our view of our immediate environment (AR) are both increasingly being adopted in both entertainment and industry.

*AR-Augmented Reality

*VR-Virtual Reality

The Snapchat and Instagram filters we are used to, e.g. overlay bunny ears and cat whiskers on selfies, are a very consumer-facing application of AI tech combined with AR. Bollywood movie Ra one is also a very good example of Virtual Reality in Video Games.

In just two years time, technology will be able to create an experience for humans where we are unable to tell the difference between the virtual and real world, with the merging of augmented reality and VR.


Fighting COVID-19 with Technology!!

Its is during these days, when the world is fighting against a common problem of COVID-19 ,we do however know is just how important technology is, in getting us all through this – both personally and professionally.

From the popularity of social networking sites, offering group video chats with friends, to isolated relatives being able to see and talk to family, technology is suddenly at the forefront of everyone’s lives. For those of us working from home, having the right technology in place is crucial.

As cities go for lockdown, out of nowhere Zoom has become the video calling app of choice . Groups of up to 100 people can use it for 40 minutes at a time.

Disinfecting drones. Cops are using drones to keep track of people and prevent the buildup of crowds during lockdown.

A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have designed an app COVID Voice Detector that detects signs of coronavirus just by analyzing your voice.

However, the researchers have made it very clear that the app is certainly not a diagnostic system and hence it should not be used as a substitute to tests conducted at a medical laboratory.One cannot rely on it for accuracy, the results obtained from the voice analysis test can at least coax a person to get tested for COVID-19 or visit a doctor.

This pandemic has triggered an unprecedented demand for digital health technology solutions and has revealed successful solutions such as for population screening, tracking the infection, prioritizing the use and allocation of resources, and designing targeted responses.

Technology is also a key , helping us to fight and recover from this-and I have no doubt we will recover.





Wonders of Technology!!

In this world of technology , we are no longer a normal human beings.

Yes, ofcourse we all are Superhumans with Supernatural Powers. Well,
I know it sounds unbelievable, but truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Some of the miraculous invention of science have actually proved it.

These are some of  the real wonders of the technology worth appreciating…

LG OLED DISPLAY, it is the first television with OLED display, that is 1mm thick which is as thin  as a wallpaper.

Sony’s Smart Contact Lenses , contact lenses that can record video.These are tiny cameras that record and store whatever you see, and even play it back before your very eyes.

A key component of the new contact lens technology is that the camera recorders “know” when you’re deliberately blinking, as opposed to the natural, involuntary blinks; these deliberate motions activate the mechanisms of the camera.

If you want to cherish forever some treasured momentthe birth of a child, or some other formative event? You may be able now. Imagine how it might change the criminal justice system, with such infallible eyewitnesses. 

Smart kitchen table, that analysis obeject put on the table to give an information about food and kitchen gadgets etc.

Aina Ring AI-Powered Smart Ring,it’s a beautifully designed timepiece ring.It uses Bluetooth to become your personal remote.

Now you can answer calls and book rides without spending time looking at a screen. Smart Ring lets you control all the important devices in your life without your phone.It can even control your smart home devices. This means you can manage your home’s temperature or lighting, making it perfect for when you get home from work. And it’s easy to answer calls by just placing your fingertips near your ear and starting to talk.

XSTAT 30 GEN 2, it was developed in collaboration with the US Military.

XSTAT 30 is a first-in-kind hemostatic device for the treatment of gunshot and shrapnel wounds. XSTAT works by injecting small, rapidly-expanding sponges into a wound cavity using a syringe-like applicator.

Near-Infrared Light Detecting veins,the VeinViewer, uses near-infrared light to detect veins beneath the skin and display them in the form of a map. It assists Phlebotomists in finding Veins.

The hemoglobin in the blood absorbs the infrared light and is transferred to a high definition image displayed on the patient’s skin, locating the veins.With a great depth of visualization, phlebotomists are able to see peripheral veins up to 10mm.

Well, isn’t that cool ? Feeling like a superhero??

keep exploring , keep inventing and keep enjoying your superpowers, superheroes….


Wearable Fashion Electronics!!


We’ve witnessed the rise of the smartphone, the Cloud and of course, the smart world of connected devices, but there are more and more advances  coming our way.

But the most extraordinary gift of this techie world is Wearable computing device. Wearable technology has a variety of applications which grows as the field itself expands. It appears prominently in consumer electronics with the popularization of the smartwatch, Google Glass, Microsoft’s HoloLens and activity tracker.

Google Glass is a wearable, voice- and motion-controlled Android device, first version launched in 2013.It offers an augmented reality experience by using visual, audio and location-based inputs to provide relevant information.

Google Glass has the ability to take 5 Mp photos and record 720p HD video.It allowing users to control the device by swiping.Sliding backward shows current events, such as weather, and sliding forward shows past events, such as phone calls, photos etc.

In July 2014 a smart technology footwear was introduced in Hyderabad, India. The shoe insoles are connected to a smartphone application that uses Google Maps, and vibrate to tell users when and where to turn to reach their destination.

Ring Zero, another innovative wearable recently introduced to the market, lets users control their environment — lights, music and more — by “drawing” gestures in the air while wearing the device.

NFC-enabled RFID Smarter Socks , that can communicate with your phone to help you find its pair in the laundry.

Google Glass, smart shoes and Smartwatch and many more are the social device, connect you to outside world.How about an idea of the Fashion technology that connect you to your body.

There is a lot of tech that goes behind making many of our fabrics, now there will be more. So while there are attempts being make to build self-fitting clothes, you can already buy Numetrex bras and vests that map heart rates and alert you if something is wrong.

Wearable technology can also collect biometric data such as heart rate (ECG and HRV), brainwave (EEG), and muscle bio-signals (EMG) from the human body to provide valuable information in the field of health care and wellness.

Apart from commercial uses, wearable technology is being incorporated into navigation systems, advanced textiles, and healthcare.

Such tech togs and fashion technology are the cool stuff that make us look more fashionable and sophesticated..